The Wembley Theatre company, in conjunction with the Cambridge Council, have created a brand new show about recycling. 

It's fun, interactive and has MAGIC TRICKS.

Devised by Bryce Manning (WTC director) and Matt Penny (award winning magician and playwright) this show is aimed at school children up to and including years 6. 

It focuses specifically on what can be recycled, what happens to our rubbish and the correct way to recycle.

Using colourful characters and narrative, the aim of the show is simple.  To clarify and explain what rubbish goes into which bin and why, all with the added bonus of magic tricks!

The show is approximately 25 minutes long and can be performed in a classroom or larger assembly room.  The ideal audience number is between 30-40 children.

For further information please contact Bryce Manning on 0417 179 485 or fill in the form below. 

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